It’s all about understanding your business, and translating it’s processes into the right ICT solution.

Whatever the driver of your new ICT-project, our expertise in the telco-market, allows us to  link the most optimal design to the best possible conditions. Getting the most out of the market’s proposition at all times, will drive your business forward!

  • Asset 1: Experience in the sector

    Our team has been active for more than 10 years in the telecommunication sector. We know the market from both sides: the provider’s and yours, their customer. Therefore we know exactly what the challenges and possible weaknesses are, and we eliminate them at the start. 
This way, you won’t be the next company who’s unsatisfied of their communication partner.

  • Asset 2: Technical skills

    The last decade, communication evolved at the speed of light. And also today the technological development doesn’t stand still. Being in the middle of it, day after day, and trough training our consultants, we keep our knowledge sharp. 
Using this knowledge, we’ll design the best suited solution for your company, based on your actual and future needs.

  • Asset 3: Specialisation

    Our core business? Telecommunication in its widest sense. From Layer2 and Layer3 network, and Datacenter Services to classic voice-solutions and mobile applications – all-in-one. Through limiting ourselves in portfolio, we can deepen ourselves in this complex, always changing matter. This allows us to still deliver the best service tomorrow.

  • Asset 4: No need to budgetise our services

    ICT Architect is an independent consultant. We closed an identical partnerships with the best renowned providers.
    This allows us to stay objective, and put your concerns centrally.
    The provider of your choice will remunerate our services. An ideal base for a strong account management during the whole period of your  contract.


    • Proximus
    • Telenet
    • Destiny
    • Colt
    • GGT
    • Verizon
    • Masergy
    • Eurofiber
    • Numericable
    • Datacenter Luxembourg