ICT Architect delivers its services in 4 steps

We are active in dynamic & complex environnements, and this as well for national as international companies.
 We analyse your needs,  create an optimal design and liberate you from the entire ‘vendor-selection’ process. This way you can make your choices based on a thorough study, though using only limited own resources.

  • Step 1: analysis of your business needs

    Are your requirements related to reorganization or to a broad project? Or is there a compelling move pushing you to re-evaluate your communication infrastructure? In any case, we link it with your daily operations. We trace how your communication infrastructure is built on the one hand and the challenges you are facing on the other. We keep a close eye on your business drivers. We translate all these in an optimized network. More redundancy? Disaster Recovery? Uptime? Cloud-services? Consolidation of your servers? Your business needs will determine everything.

    Result phase one: We draw a scheme of your desired communication plan, based on your current and future needs. You’ll receive a well-defined budget covering the whole project.

  • Step 2: design, create and follow up an RFP (Request For Proposal)

    The new communicationplan will be visualised. This sheme will remain the basis of the whole project.
    At the same time, we list the priorities and criteria, to which the new solution should answer; reliability, scalability, service, price, … These demands will be put in the balanced scorecard, which shows objectively the best partner/solution, tailored to your company.

    ICT Architect will create a comprehensive RFP (Request for Proposal) and send it to your selected providers. Based on their answers, a shortlist will be defined. Togther with you, our customer, we’ll invite these partners for a Q&A-session.

    Result phase two: A thorough RFP will be completed. Based on your actual needs, a shortlist of maximum 3 providers will be created. A final interview will enable you to decide on the best option.

  • Step 3: negotiating and concluding your new contract

    We ask the selected partners to send a best and final offer. The balanced scorecard will be adjusted accordingly. During the evaluation meeting, between our customer and ICT Architect, the balanced scorecard and final offers will be reviewed to draw a final conclusion and to select the best partner. Following this, negotiations can proceed based on the formal offer. Together with you, ICT Architect will eliminate technical, legal and financial difficulties and make sure you get a watertight contract

    Result phase three: your new telecommunication contract is precisely adjusted to your business needs. And this detailed process barely costs you any resources.

  • Step 4: service- and accountmanagement

    Right after the signature of your contract, our thorough accountmanagement will start, with your concerns at heart. Most probably, your communication infrastructure will need to evolve throughout the contract period. Our pro-active approach makes sure your solution stays technically up-to-date and financially competitive. Our constant market updates and global overview empowers us to challenge the service provider, during the whole contract period, from the early stages until the end.

    Result phase four: Your telecom solution stays optimal, without spending means and resources on the follow-up. This way you’ll avoid expensive & unpleasant surprises in the future.


    • Proximus
    • Telenet
    • Destiny
    • Colt
    • GGT
    • Verizon
    • Masergy
    • Eurofiber
    • Numericable
    • Datacenter Luxembourg