The product portfolio is divided into 3 groups

The different providers on the market have comparable productportfolio’s, but use different accents. It’s our task to inform you about these, and create the right solution,  based on your business needs.

  • Data

    Many data products exist within the portfolio of our different partners. Our job is to tailor them, so they enhance your organisation.
    Only then they will allow your company to gain competitiveness and/or lower the costs.
    Whether they are fixed or mobile, well implemented data services can really enrich your way of working.

    • Vitual private network

      Enjoy the advantages of a safe and private network, without having to manage it yourself. Communication between your branches , stable as they should be, with the guarantees you expect.

    • Ethernet services

      Extend your LAN to the world in a simple and transparant way, using high bandwiths. Hub&spoke and Point-to-point belong to the possibilities.

    • Datacenter connectivity

      Do you wish to replicate SAN’s or send your critical data using very high bandwidths? We’ll create the most adapted solution.

    • Bandwith services

      Connect your branches, customers or providers throughout the world to your network, and make your business grow exponentially.

    • Internet Access Services

      Internet has become a real asset of your company. We make sure you use the most reliable and secure solution, so you can really use it.

    • Mobile Data

      Accessibility always and everywhere becomes crucial, and the expectations of your customers, and those of your competition, become greater. Let us show you how your company can benefit from the best mobile data solutions.

  • Voice

    Though considered a commodity, voice is and always will be vital to your company.
    Keeping this in mind, there are several possiblities of reducing your communication costs, and the administrative burden.
    ICT Architect can help you in keeping the highest efficiency in this matter.

    • Mobile voice

      Your mobile devices have become thé way of communicating. Also in the Voice-market, the possibilities change every day. Don’t let these opportuniteis pass you by.

    • Fixed telephony

      1 provider for your Pan-European communication, in which reliability and cost are key. Discover the possibilities through ICT Architect.

    • Corporate integrated solutions

      The integration of mobile and fixed telephony, allows you to make huge savings. In times of crisis, this is a very quick and easy way for your company to control it’s costs.

  • Managed Services

    Reliability and security are the key words. Companies that are looking for peace of mind, simplicity or compliancy to current legislation, should come and talk to us.
    Whether you need Disaster recovery throughout Europe, or just a local consolidation of your servers, we can help you.
    An extra advantage will be your CAPEX turned into OPEX.
    ‘Pay as you use’ becomes an often used concept.

    • Hosted Applications

      More and more, applications are being managed centrally, so you don’t need to worry about licences, uptime, upgrades, …
      What applications are being offered by wich provider, can be explained by ICT Architect.

    • Managed Co-location

      Putting your critical data and your entire infrastructure in an external datacenter. You will enjoy more security and flexibility, and on top of this you will avoid to invest in technology, which might be old tomorrow.

    • Managed Hosting (Virtual & physical, dedicated & shared)

      Focus on your core business, and outsource your applications on an externally managed infrastructure. Whether you need dedicated, shared, virtual or physical, ICT Architect thinks with you.

    • Managed Storage & backup

      How do you secure your data, and what are the legal obligations in ‘archiving’? What would be the cost of losing 1 week of new data? Put your storage externally, and leave the management to specialists.  This way you’re sure of your data, and IT won’t stand in the way of your company’s growth.

    • Managed security

      Intrusion in your critical data can be very harmfull to your company. Highly professional engineers specialise in finding ways to intrude in your LAN. Keeping your environnement up-to-date can be done by specialists, so your company won’t be the next injured.


    • Proximus
    • Telenet
    • Destiny
    • Colt
    • GGT
    • Verizon
    • Masergy
    • Eurofiber
    • Numericable
    • Datacenter Luxembourg